About WK Financial Planning

At WK Financial, you and your family’s future is important to us. Our team is focused on providing customized advice tailored to your specific situation keeping in mind your goals. Now that we are working together and have opened the door to your opportunities, we would like to outline our commitment to you.

Our Promise

We are a warm and approachable team who is always friendly, kind and understanding. You are treated like part of our family.
We listen to your specific situation and needs to come up with the best plan of action for you. We are accommodating to your life and schedule.
We want to see you realize your dreams. We support and protect your wealth and security.
We are open and realistic about the best strategies and solutions. We make informed decisions and communicate those effectively.
We are always learning and educating our team on current industry opportunities and providing valuable advice.
We are supportive and treat our clients and our community as a family by volunteering and supporting deserving causes.


Our Value

1. BEGIN Process

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We use the Begin Process to better understand you, your family, your goals and ambitions as well as your financial situation.

2. Independent Advisors

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Our #1 responsibility is you. Our recommendations are not tied to any particular product, service or company.

3. Customized

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Our recommendations are personalized to suit your objectives and risk tolerance.

4. Connect

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We can work and consult with your other professional advisors such as your lawyer and accountant.

5. Collaborate

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Our advisors work together, as a team, to share knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of our clients while maintaining client confidentiality.

6. Team

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We have an excellent team of knowledgeable and experienced people. They are dedicated to helping us respond to your needs promptly.

7. The Extra Mile

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We make the extra effort to meet with you at your convenience, whether at your home, office or our location.